The OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund


The OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund for family support (including childhood, maternity, and paternity protection) provides targeted social assistance to children who truly need help or have gotten into trouble.

We help familiesthat are facing serious hardships, such as families with handicapped children and children with grave diseases, families with insufficient incomes, and homeless families that are victims of fires.

The Fund supports  development of educational and medical methods, and conducts  events and festivalsaimed at raising public awareness and involvement.

In the regions where the United Metallurgical Company operates, the Fund collaborates with institutions on bringing up, teaching, and/or giving treatment to abandoned children, handicapped children, and children from needy and large families.

The Fund was founded by – 

  • Closed Joint Stock Company United Metallurgical Company;
  • A group of shareholders and employees of the United Metallurgical Company.

President of the Fund – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Metallurgical Company Anatoly Mikhaylovich Sedykh.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Irina Igorevna Sedykh.

Director General of the Fund – Larisa Sergeyevna Orlovskaya.

The website of the OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund is meant to help those interested in our work to learn about what we do and what we have already done.

We are deeply grateful to our volunteers, donators, and friends — to everyone who joins us in helping to save lives and making them better!