Structure of the Fund

Structure of the Fund

The Fund provides targeted social assistance to children, who truly need help or have gotten into trouble. We help families that are facing serious hardships, such as families with handicapped children and children with grave diseases, with insufficient incomes, and homeless families that are victims of fires. 

In the regions where the United Metallurgical Company operates, the Fund collaborates with institutions on bringing up, teaching, and/or giving treatment to abandoned children, handicapped children, and children from needy and large families.

The OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund was founded in 2008. Its mission is to support the implementation of childhood protection and family strengthening programs.

From the Charter of OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund:

The major objective of the Fund is accumulation of assets based on voluntary asset contributions and other lawful obtainments, and application of thоse to:

  • assist large families, orphans, and abandoned children, as well as medical and social institutions realizing child treatment and care programs;
  • contribute to  strengthening the status and role of family in the society;
  • contribute to protecting motherhood, childhood, and fatherhood  (including by funding the construction and the transfer of social facilities to local government bodies as a charitable donation);
  • promote education, science, culture, art, awareness, and spiritual development of a personality.