Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory Board of OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund:

  • Irina Igorevna Sedykh – Chairman of the Supervisory Board;
  • Marina Grigorievna Dreznina – an artist, teacher, art therapist, senior researcher of the Department for Aesthetic Education of Children and Youth of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, member of the Russian Union of Artists, special needs education professional, author of study guides and books for children, parents, and teachers including: “Time Travel in the Museum Space,” “Every Child is an Artist,” “Learning to Draw,” “Holiday Greeting Cards Made By Children,” “Games on a Sheet of Paper”
  • Aleksandr Andreyevich Kastravets – PR Director of CJSC OMK;
  • Vladimir Sergeyevich Kremenitsky – Performance Management Director of OJSC OMK;
  • Aleksey Vladimirovich Mitenkov – Director General of OMK-Audit LLC.

The Supervisory Board of OMK-Uchastie  Charity Fund for family support, childhood, maternity, and paternity protection was formed on January 25, 2012 at the General members meeting of the Fund for a term of five years. 

The Supervisory Board is governed by the Regulation on the Supervisory Board of OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund.

Irina Igorevna Sedykh was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board on January 25, 2012,  at the Meeting of the Members of of the Supervisory Board of OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund for Family Support and Protection of Childhood, Motherhood and Fatherhood